BetRebels strives to offer its customers the best deposit methods available in their respective countries. A complete list of all deposit methods can be found in your betting account. You can open your account in the following currencies: Euros, Swiss Franc and US Dollars.

Your funds are safe and secure at BetRebels and are held separately at a leading European financial institution. Any time you make a deposit, your funds are held specifically for you and are never mixed with operational funds.


Please find hereunder the depositing methods offered to our customers:


Credit and Debit Cards - Powered by Moneybookers

This is The preferred method for funding your account

MoneyBookers offer a wide variety of payment options such as the most popular Credit and Debit Card available on the market today.

Simply enter your email to deposit via MoneyBookers to process the payments, even if you don't have a MoneyBookers account.

If you choose to fund your account with a Powered by MoneyBookers option, you are kindly requested to withdraw your funds via the MoneyBookers option.

Moneybookers e-wallet

Send and receive money via your email address! Moneybookers is an e- wallet payment solution that enables you to transfer funds into a 'virtual' Moneybookers account, and then transfer funds to your BetRebels account n instantly.

To fund your account using MoneyBookers or by any other method powered by MoneyBookers simply click on the MoneyBookers option and register.

For further information about payment and withdrawal methods supported by MoneyBookers please visit

Kindly note that due to security reasons the MoneyBookers account holder and the BetRebels account bearer ought to be the same individual.

It is important to note that the same email address registered on BetRebels account is to be used when registering a MoneyBookers account.

Only one MoneyBookers account can be registered against a BetRebels account.

Credit / Debit Cards

Transactions on your Credit / Debit Card Statement will appear as

These transactions are subject to a limit of 5,000 € per transaction. If you want to deposit more you have to split the amount on multiple transactions.

Kindly note that we do not accept Credit / Debit Card Transactions from the certain countries.

A Credit / Debit Card registered with a BetRebels account cannot be utilized on another.

The BetRebels account holder and Credit / Debit Card bearer ought to be the same individual.

Please note that deposit limits apply. Limits will increase upon presentation of the required documentation.


Withdrawals of any winnings can be requested at any time using the same payment methods used to deposit.

Please note that in order to withdraw money held in your Poker / Casino or Game Cashier, funds must first be transferred to your Sportsbook account.

Wire transfers

International Wire transfers may be deducted by a standard fee.

Credit Fund Transfers are only available via Visa in Euro Currency. Kindly note that MasterCard does not support Credit Fund Transfer.

It is important to note that certain cards may have limits. We will process withdrawals as they are requested. If the withdrawal amount requested causes the limits on your card to be exceeded you may experience delays in receiving your funds. We will not be held responsible for such delays.

Your withdrawing option must depend on the method used to deposit funds to your BetRebels account. Any withdrawing option selected must have been used as a depositing option first except in the case where the account is funded with a MasterCard or via Credit / Debit Card in EUR currencies, in which case documents have to be submitted for withdrawals to be processed within a different method.

Security Measures

All withdrawals are subject to security screening. We may require that identification be confirmed by providing us with identification verification documents.

Due to security reasons withdrawal requests without a history of game-play will only be processed after 48 hours on presentation of Documents. Accounts may be suspended if frequent withdrawal requests are made without a history of game-play.

The following will be required to verify your account:

- A scanned image of Passport or Government issued ID (Only the new version of the European driver's license is accepted)

- A recent Utility Bill or Bank Statement showing clearly your Name and Address.

- A copy of the front and back of the credit card used on your account showing the first 6 and the last 4 digits present on the front of the card. Please ensure the last 3 digits at the back of the card are hidden (if applicable)

- Credit Card Agreement Form sent to the email address registered on your account when documentation is requested (if applicable). Downloadable form

We will not accept unclear or illegible documentation.

Documentation must be provided in Latin / Roman Alphabet.

Documentation can be emailed to For faster processing, please remember to include your BetRebels username.